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17th May 2020

Hooray circuits are reopening!

We must be mindful though that things will have changed hopefully only for a short period...

It’s the same with driver coaching, BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t sharpen your skills and reduce your lap times!

Whilst we’re under these restrictions I’m still available for driver coaching, we just have to do things differently.

Think race engineer in the F1 or Le Mans pitlane.

Using my Vbox HD2 twin camera system setup in your car, we’ll adopt a lap and review style of coaching.

Camera rolling you head out on track solo, push yourself for a set amount of laps, when your back in the pit lane, we review the data and video on a large TV screen, applicable social distance between us of course, chat about where you can improve, and plan how you’ll do it before you head back out, solo again to put in practice what we spoke about.

A great way to get back in the groove and still get the most out of your day.

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